How to Read a Deleted WhatsApp Message – After WhatsApp released its newest feature, which can delete messages already sent not longer than 7 minutes. This feature is very useful, when people are so easy to send and forward the message, which indicated a hoax and potentially make a row. Or It could be in a group conversation, someone already sent a message that hurt or embarrassed others, then changed his mind and delete it.
But with this trick, for you that want to know can still peek what the message is deleted. Seeing “Message Deleted” will certainly make you curious. How to peep it is with the application Notification History and Notif Log notification history. You can install one of the two free apps. Please note that this app is requesting some access to your phone. After installing one of those apps, you only need to grant access to the app to access notifications on the phone, Notification History and Notif Log notification history will know all incoming messages.

Notification History

The app will record all incoming notifications, including messages from operators (USSD), SMS, messages in chat groups like WA, pop up messages, application installations / updates. All recordings can be read at any time, because it is in the form of a document.

Notif Log notification history

Often we miss a few notifications or if you accidentally refuse notice, but feel the need later. With Notif Log notification history, you have a functional copy of all notifications so you know exactly what happens every time.

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